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Why do industries need particle size analysis?

Posted on May 14, 2018 in Edu

Have you ever considered how many industries use particle size analysis to improve their effectiveness? If you have a production or manufacturing business, then you definitely need to find a company specialised in offering this type of services, because it influences the quality of your products. Why do you need particle size analysis? Well, because it is the only way to control the amount of chemical reactions present in the product. If you are not convinced to hire a company to offer you this service, then here are some of the main reasons companies consider particle size analysis essential.

They can rate the reactions

As stated before this method is used in multiple industries, and every one of them uses it different. So when checking its benefits, it is advisable to relate to certain scenarios. If your business handles solid components then the surface area of the particle is essential in stating the rate of chemical reaction. What people do not know is that fine particles are more likely to experience chemical reactions compared with other types of particles. For example, cement industry makes great use of particle size analysis, because it helps them understand when the product reaches the appropriate reaction in order to transform them into the wanted product.

They can show the potential to dissolve

Particle size analysis is able to show the dissolution rate of a product, and its reaction rate. When you separate a product in finer particles you can increase the surface area of the product, because the physical barriers are weakened.  If you work with finer particles, then they are more prone to dissolve. The pharmaceutical industry is the one that uses this method, because they work with fine particles and they need to know exactly what the dissolving time is and what the effects on bioavailability are. Also, this method shows them the effectiveness of a certain drug.

They can show the packing density

For many industries it is essential to know the efficiency with which the particles they use for their products are able to pack together. The main rule is that small particles do not pack as well as small particles, but there are also exceptions and this is why it is important to know exactly how the particles react. In case you work with particles that decrease in size, then you should know that their voidage is reduced and their packing density is improved. The businesses that produce metal products are the ones that use particle size analysis in this purpose, because they want to make sure that they do not product a flawed product.

They can prove how sedimentation works

Avoidance of sedimentation leads to the suspension of stability. Many industries need to check if their products are stable, and this is why they use this method. The food industry is one of the many ones that uses particle size analysis, because it helps them prevent a wreak havoc. There is nothing more important than consistency for some of the food products.