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When is private tuition recommended?

Posted on Oct 12, 2016 in Edu

In an ideal scenario, students should get all the information and mentorship they need from school classes alone, but, for several reasons, this doesn’t always happen and parents have to resort to private tuition to make sure that their children are well educated. Although it comes at a cost, hiring a private tutor from a company such as http://www.achievelearning.co.uk/ has many benefits and it can help secure your child’s academic future. It is not always necessary, but if either one of the following situations sounds familiar, then you should get in touch with a private tutor soon.

When school levels are below your standard

Not all schools and teachers are exceptional. Sometimes, the teacher’s skills leave much to be desired or your child may be above the average level of the class. The potential of an intelligent student should not go to waste, so if you think that school classes do not deliver, then you should hire a private tutor. If your son or daughter is clearly better than the rest of the classmates at a particular subject, private lessons will help them learn at a more advanced rhythm. There are many cases of students who get bored and lose motivation because they already know what is being discussed in class, but a tutor will help them learn more and maximise their potential.

Extra help for better exam results

Some exams can be quite though and students need extra help to understand certain notions. A school lesson lasts for only one hour, which is not enough time for 20+ people to learn something perfectly, which can make passing exams quite difficult. Whether the GCSEs or SATS are coming or your child has to pass a difficult admission exam for college, private tuition can provide that extra information. Private tuition takes place one-on-one, so your child can ask all the questions that they cannot ask during class, until they understand all lessons perfectly. In fact, feedback is one of the most essential benefits of private lessons!

Catch up after skipping school time

Going back to school after skipping more than a week can be very challenging. Whether your child was sick for a longer period of time or you travel a lot, private lessons are great for catching up. This way, when he goes back to school, he won’t have to worry about not understanding what’s going on and won’t risk getting low grades.