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The Rights of Students with Disabilities

Posted on Jan 13, 2015 in Edu

Every child has the right to an education and every child should go to school, even if they have a disability which does not allow them to move normally. However, some of them may feel odd and have a certain restraint when it comes to going to a public school and assist classes with normal children. In order to avoid these situations, the legislation now involves some regulations which defend the rights of students with disabilities, so that they will feel comfortable in schools without being discriminated. The access in schools for students with disabilities is very important, and in this matter schools must meet some requirements that help children with mobility impairments to move across the school and assist classes.

Schools must allow access for mobility scooters

The right to a proper education means having access to schools, whether we are talking about special institutions for children with disabilities or regular institutions where normal children and those with disabilities can assist together. In order to travel and come to school, students with disabilities can use mobility scooters to ease their movement and schools should be properly equipped to allow access for mobility aids. The mobility scooters are great vehicles for both indoor and outdoor use, are easy to maneuver and can be used as a transportation means by students with any kind of disability. School buses must be designed in such way that students in mobility scooters and wheelchairs can easily get in and out and they should have enough space throughout the road to school. Ramps must be installed at the bus’ doors and students must feel safe and comfortable the entire trip, without the risk of accidents.
Every school should have ramps installed at the entrances to help students with disabilities to enter using their mobility scooters, the doors and hallways should be wide enough to fit the mobility aids and the bathrooms should be equipped with hand bars near the toilet seat to allow students with disabilities to easily get on and off the seat.

Installing stairlifts would solve the problem with stairs

Another problem that must be solved in schools where students with disabilities go is the one regarding the stairs. Most schools have several floors and it is hard for children with mobility impairments to go up and down the stairs without facing pain or the risk of accidents. The best solution to this problem is to install stair lifts on every staircase to allow students with disabilities to go from one floor to another. The stair lift is a mechanical device installed on the handrails which transports people with disabilities along the stairs using a chair that is completely safe. If you read some reviews on beststairlift.reviews, you will see that there are various types of stair lifts that fit both straight and curved staircases and some stair lifts even include platforms for transporting mobility aids such as scooters or wheelchairs, so that any child with disabilities can have easy access to schools. However, schools are not forced by law to have stair lifts installed, but these devices would certainly provide better access in schools for students with disabilities.