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The Pros of School Dress Codes

Posted on Jun 28, 2015 in Edu

There are people who say that wearing a uniform prevents children from expressing themselves, which makes them feel uncomfortable and frustrated. Still, these are not arguments that should be taken seriously when we are discussing clothing for going to school, which is an institution where children primarily go for studying, and not for presenting their latest collections of clothes. There are other places where boys can go to show off their biceps and chest, and there are other locations where girls can wear their mini skirts with fishnets. Here are the main advantages of embracing school dress codes.

Uniforms make everyone equal

Since you are at an age when you couldn’t have possibly made any accomplishments on your own, there is no point in showing off, and trying to stand out amongst your peers, no matter how wealthy your family is. So, wearing expenses clothes that might make others feel less significant is immoral and unacceptable. Giving that all children who are in school are only kids, they should all be equal, so nobody should expose the differences between the financial situations of certain kids. Children need to make new friends based on similar passions and mutual support, and not based on the financial potential of each others families. Furthermore, studies have shown that poor kids feel the pressure to dress just like rich kids in order to be accepted in certain groups, but when they don’t have the possibility to do so, they feel depressed and insecure. So, the right thing to do in this type of situations is to introduce the uniform in the educational  system.

Children are encouraged to go to school for studying

Parents have the opportunity to save significant amounts of  money on buying new clothes for their children every other month, money that they can further invest in their kids’ education. However, the most important benefit of using school dress codes is that kids will stop paying too much attention to the way they look, and they will start focusing more on the main reason why they go to school: studying. Regular clothing can distract kids from their main goal, making them more prone to a low academic performance and failure.  Moreover, it seems that a child who goes to a school that requires a uniform is more aware of the responsibility that he has, as uniforms highlight the idea of discipline, helping kids to understand that in school, academics are more important than luxurious looks.