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The perks of university student life

Posted on Apr 27, 2016 in Edu

The truth is that university is not for everyone, yet you should not be so quick to dismiss it as an option. Many people turn down university due to the expenses and the statistics that suggest the capital is not safe. On the other hand, there are those that jump at the chance of getting a university degree without proper consideration. The main issue for many people is not the choice of going to university, but rather deciding where to study. While it is common knowledge that rental prices are very high, especially in London, but there places in England where you can find affordable accommodation. For instance, student accommodation Leicester is fairly cheap and you can find a number of shared flats. Overall, you should go to university because you will enhance your perspective about the working world, not to mention that you will definitely enjoy student life. This is why:

Improving your network

What many people do not know is that the networking portion at university is immense. You will have the opportunity of meeting teachers, recruiters, and fellow students that share the same interests as you. The great thing is that professors can help you land your first job after university and provide you with recommendations regarding your career opportunities. If you want to develop contacts and get interviews with well-respected companies in your country, then there is no better place to meet them then at university. If you do not know where you can apply for a job, then your fellow classmates will be able to help you.

Lifestyle benefits

The negatives of living away from home are clearly exaggerated. Universities such as De Monfort University are excellent opportunities to experience life and live to learn on your own. The major lifestyle benefits of going to university range from nightlife to food markets and culture. As an added bonus, you can travel during the semester breaks, you will have the chance of having fun before you start working 24/7.


University greatly values the efforts of its student leader in creating an active campus culture. This is the reason why many universities are committed to providing you opportunities to develop your leadership skills and professional networks. At university there are many activities that you can access to enhance your personal and professional development. You will have for instance the chance of representing your university at international events. Universities will encourage you to become a proactive member of a group or association. As a member of a student group, you can apply for funding and support your fellow students.

The power of connecting with people

A final benefits of university student life that many rarely consider is the power of the city of connecting with you. Even in the context of a globalized world, there is no substitute for proximity. Cities like Leicester status equal employers, including financial institutions, media companies, publishers and every business that you can think of. Many of these prospective employers will provide you opportunities like training, internships, but before making your final decision, you should find out the reality in terms of the costs and benefits.