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The benefits of sharing accommodation with other students

Posted on Mar 23, 2016 in Edu

The United Kingdom is one of the most costly countries in the world owing to the fact that the economy is booming. Since the living costs are high, you may struggle to afford single living space. If you cannot afford to rent on your own, then you should seriously consider sharing student accommodation Oxford. It is not that uncommon for students to live in shared houses or flats and it is worth mentioning that even working professionals struggle within the early stages of employment. Finding rooms to rent in Oxford is not as difficult as you may believe and flat sharing has its advantages.

Flat sharing saves you money

A flat share refers to the situation in which two or more people live in a property together. Each person has his own bedroom and this option is considerable cheaper compared to renting your own place. By sharing, it is actually possible to live in a better property or in a better area that you could not otherwise afford. Living in flatshares is generally much cheaper owing to the fact that you split the bills equally and you pay for utilities such as gas, water, electricity. etc. Living alone is expensive and it is needless to mention that your finances will become stretched.


In addition to the cost factor, there are many social benefits. You will have company due to your roommate, or roommates, which can be good is you are the type of person that gets bored easily or just prefers human company. Living on your own can be a good option, but there are moments when you need the company of others. If you get on with your flatmates, then you can watch films together, give parties or simply talk. Finding a roommate is not impossible since most young students have moved out and they have a room to let. When you share a flat, you can share the housework. Everyone is required to make an effort to keep the house clean.

Not very risky

Any form of shared accommodation comes with some kind of risk, but when it comes to sharing accommodation, the number of risks is significantly low. While it is true that there are many illegitimate advertisers on the Internet, you are safe as long as you view the living space in person. It is easier to protect yourself when you know what you are dealing with and this applies to your roommate as well. Get to know the place where you will, be living and get to know the person you will be living with. If the understanding between the two of you is not good, then it will be very hard to live together for a long period of time.

To conclude, the financial factor is the most important aspect when it comes to sharing accommodation, but you should also take into account the social reasons. If you do decide to share housing, then you should become aware of how your tenancy is organized as there can be implications in the future.