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Teach your kids to respect their nanny

Posted on Nov 3, 2016 in Edu


We all know that kids have the tendency to not be always respectful when they meet a new person, especially if you would have to leave them one day spend many hours with that person, as you would do when you would hire a nanny. So, you have a major role in this case, because you have to teach them respect, and how important is to respect the persons around them. The nanny would spend a lot of time with your children because she is in charged with this job, so you have to be sure that they see her as an authority figure and they listen to her, when it comes to doing certain things. Therefore, before hiring one of the nannies from http://rockmybabynannyagency.co.uk/, you should follow some steps to be sure that they would respect her, when she would come in your house.

Talk with your children about this decision

You have to talk with your children, and inform them that a new person would come in your house and would take care of them a couple of hours a day. They have to fully understand that she would take your place for that time, and they have to treat her with respect. In addition, you should ask them about their expectations, because in the majority of cases the problem is that children do not like the personality of the nanny and they do not respect her. When you know whom would they like to sit with, you would find easier to teach them to respect her.

Support her in her actions

The best way to help your children understand that they have to respect the nanny is to show them that you do it too. Moreover, you can do this by supporting her actions, decisions and way of handling different things. The nanny would be the one who would decide for example the food your children should eat, while they are staying with her. So if you did not offer her some clear instructions about their diet, and she considers that they should eat more vegetables, you should support her in this decision, because she definitely has experience and knows what is beneficial for their health. In case you do not agree with some of her decisions, you should discuss these aspects only with her, but in front of your children you should not critic her, because they would not respect her anymore and she would find difficult to care them and be an authority in daily activities.