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Should you consider taking calcium supplements?

Posted on Oct 6, 2016 in Edu

Calcium is one of the most important minerals that influences the health of your bones throughout life, so you should take care to take the required amount daily. The majority of doctors state that the best way to take calcium is through the aliments you include in your diet, but there are times when the food you eat is not as rich in minerals as it should be. In this situation, even doctors agree that you have to include in your daily routine calcium supplements, and if you are thinking about the AlgaeCal side effects, you should know that in the majority of cases, people do not respect the doctor’s prescription and this is why they experience unpleasant effects. If you understand how much calcium you need and how you should take it, you would not have any issue.

What happens if I do not get enough calcium?

Everyone knows that calcium is crucial in building and maintaining your bones strong, but it is also important when it comes to nerves, heart and muscles proper functioning. Some studies even show that if you provide your body the needed amount of calcium and vitamin D, you would be able to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. In case the body does not receive the calcium it needs, you would experience different health issues. During childhood, if people have calcium deficiency they do not reach the full potential of their height, and when being adults, if they have too little calcium, they would have low bone mass, which has as result osteoporosis.

Should you take supplements?

The majority of people consider that they should not take supplements because they are eating healthy, but you should know that the aliments you are eating daily do not contain the amount of minerals you need and you have to take it from other parts. But, there are some specific situations when you have to talk with your doctor to recommend you supplements, because even if you eat healthy, you do not get enough calcium and vitamins. So, if you are adopting a vegan diet, you definitely have to take calcium supplements, because the vegetables do not contain a high amount of minerals. Also, if you are dealing with lactose intolerance, and you have to limit the products you are eating daily, you would not be able to get enough minerals, because you do not eat the main aliments that contain them. In addition, you might be the type of person who consumes large amounts of sodium or protein and in this case, your body excretes more calcium. Suffering from a digestive disease or bowel disease would decrease the ability of your body to absorb calcium, so you should ask the doctor if you should take supplements, because they are highly recommended in this situation. Osteoporosis is related with calcium deficiency, so the best way to prevent it is to take the needed amount of minerals daily, and to check your doctor regularly for assessing your state.