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Riviera Maya – the Mexican paradise

Posted on May 10, 2015 in Edu

If you are looking for an eccentric place where you can spend your next vacation, then maybe you should think about a mysterious destination: Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, Yucatan Peninsula, Riviera Maya. This coast line is situated about 30 kilometers in the south of Cancun, on an area of about 120 kilometers, from Puerto Morelos to Punta Allen. The region is full of luxurious resorts, where those passionate about water sports can visit the sunny gulfs and natural caves, those who prefer to relax can choose between popular beaches and isolated areas, while those who are looking for a cultural experience can check the ancient monuments and ruins. Riviera Maya has something to offer to all those who visit it, regardless their preference. In order to penetrate this amazing Mexican works, here are some of the main activities that you should not miss once you reach this paradise:

Visit the Mayan archeological sites

The area is filled with cultural marks left by the Mayans, and one of the most significant ones is the temple of Tulum, situated near the sea. Its surroundings represents the most beautiful sights from Riviera Maya, since they combine the mystery of an ancient civilization and the peace I the Caribbean Sea. The ruin consists in four large stone walls, one of them separating it from the turquoise waters. In the small village also named Tulum you will be able to shop for the most original artisanal objects – the perfect souvenir for your sear ones.


Make a foray in the Mexican culture

Riviera Maya tours will not be complete unless you understand a bit of the Mexican culture. So spend a day with the locals and the other tourists, in one of the most spectacular thematic parks, the Xcaret. This eco-archeological park has each and every representative part of the local culture: the Mayan remains, the flora and fauna, archeological monuments and water activities. You will be impressed to see the two underground rivers flowing on a distance of about one kilometer, along which you can discover Mayan traces, marine fossils and unique rocks.


Discover one of the largest coral reefs in the world

Riviera Maya is famous for its diving and snorkeling activities, due to the rich sea life that can be found in the Caribbean Sea. The waters are perfect for scuba diving and those who want to experience the aquatic life of the Great Maya reef should not hesitate. The diving activity is the perfect combination between adrenaline and peace, so make sure you include it in your ‘to do’ list.