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Overthrowing myths about acting

Posted on Apr 8, 2016 in Edu

Simply because the world of acting, of movies and theatre is so rich and diverse, it often finds itself on everybody’s lips.  People in a great number decide they want to take part in this world, actively and start a career in acting. However, while some follow their dream and go to an ecole de cinema or theatre, there are those that believe certain stories and quickly get discouraged. Just like in any other popular domain there are all sorts of myths that are going about, stories that can completely change the way you see a certain topic. Before you believe in them, you should take time to decide whether or not these are true or false. Just like there are real stories, there are tones of myths. To get you started, here are three examples of myths that you might have heard.

Acting is a decision made in your youth


It is a common believe that acting is a similar profession to modeling. If you do not start while you are young, you lose the train and there is no going back. Well, things are not quite so. Age is not a defining factor. It is true that when you are younger things might be simpler and you could make your entry in the world of acting easier. However, if you have the right skills and education, you could go to any casting and have plenty of chances to win a good part in a movie or a play. Age is a challenge, not a curse. This how you should look at things. Becoming an actor in your thirties is just as difficult as becoming one in your twenties. It is really just a shift in perspective, because in terms of challenge, you have to face the exact same thing.


Only talent matters


Try to avoid looking things from this perspective. It is not just talent that matters. It is the combination of talent and education that actually makes the difference. This is the secret. Talent is a rather subjective aspect. Some people might see you part of the world of acting, but not all. With education things are simpler. No one can doubt the fact that you have technique, that you can practice the job adequately and professionally. Don’t count solely on talent, because you might be surprised to find out that it is really not enough.


Movies are better than plays


Most people think that acting in movies is so much more difficult than performing on a theatre stage. Actors who appear on screen are much more appreciated and most people think that their work is so much more complicated. This is nothing more than a mistake. Movies are the next normal step for any actor performing on the stage of a theatre, but not because it is simpler. It is just a question of changing things bit, of bringing a challenge. Acing in movies is simply different. Great on screen actors have returned to theatre demonstrating that although the cinema made them known around the world, their first love remained the theatre.