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Must Have Equipment for the School Gym

Posted on May 30, 2017 in Edu

The way that a gymnasium looks and how it is equipped dictates just how much the students will be interested in sports and other PE activities. Needless to say, in today’s technologically advanced society where everybody is addicted to digital gadgets, it is essential to try to maintain the youth’s interest in physical education. As such, today we will talk about the proper equipment that should be found in any school gymnasium. We will focus on the most popular sports and PE activities.

Basketball equipment

The main things that you need to play basketball is a hoop, a backboard and a backstop. While the hoop and the backboard are pretty straightforward, you have some choices for the backstop. The cheapest ones are the stationary ones, which can be either wall-mounted or ceiling suspended. The ceiling suspended ones can also come in a folding style, giving you the option to fold them either forward, rear or sideways in order to save space. To make basketball games more interactive we advise you to also invest in a scoreboard and one or two scoring tables. The beauty of scoring tables is that not only will they help you make the game more interactive by displaying important game moments, but they can also help you make some money through advertising.

Net sports equipment

For tennis and volleyball, it is important to choose sturdy net systems, which can be easily installed and dismounted. Another important factor that affects the quality of a net system is its height adjustment. Choose systems with infinity height adjustments. For volleyball, make sure that the net system meets the NFHS, , NCAA, USA Volleyball and FIVB standards.

Digital equipment

If you are aiming for a high tech gym, here are some gadgets that can help you achieve your goal. For starters, consider a control system. As the name suggests, this system helps you control various pieces of equipment such as divider curtains, folding backstops, height adjusters and ambient lights.

Essential PE equipment

Depending on the number of PE activities that will take place in the gym, there are several other pieces of equipment that you should consider. Wall pads will come in handy in many situations. Climbing ropes are cheap, but they will make for fun PE activities. You might also want to consider some practice cages and some climbing ladders and climbing bars.

As you can see, properly equipping a school gym will require a serious investment, but you should not neglect this facility and you should go beyond the must have equipment. Yes, you only need a hoop in order to play basketball, but fancy equipment such as scoring tables can significantly improve the game experience. School sports are not only good for the students’ health, but they also promote unity and school spirit.