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Is physical promotion still relevant?

Posted on Mar 15, 2015 in Edu

In a world dominated more and more by technology, internet and social media networks, it seems that marketing has to change its focus on virtual promotion. Online advertising represents a great guerrilla marketing tool, since it does not require a lot of resources and provides you a great market reach, but this does not mean that it is always the best option. The promotion channel must be chosen depending on the type of products or service you are offering, not to mention that you will also have to keep in mind the target audience. Contrary to the common belief, physical promotion still has a say when it comes to marketing, being relevant in certain operational fields. For this reason, although you have not thought about it yet, maybe it is time to get in touch with a promotion staffing agency London. Hiring professional people to present and advertise your services or goods may represent the added value you have over your competitors.

What is physical promotion?

Physical promotion represents an advertising method that involves the use of concrete materials, such as flyers, posters, panels and last but not least, promo staff. This means that the moment you decide to launch a new product on the market, you make sure, through tangible materials, that the target audience (and not only) finds out about what you are offering. You can choose to install a large panel displaying relevant details about your company or hire professional staff to talk to people and let them know everything they need to know. In our days, combining this method with online advertising will definitely guarantee you a great market reach and brand positioning.


Is it worth investing in outsourcing?

As you probably already know, there are many dedicated companies offering staffing services. In case you are still reluctant about this, you should know that the people you can hire are not just some mere good looking employees. They often have besides presentation skills great communication and sales ability, so they will be able to get the attention of your target audience in no time. You may think that since they are not part of your company, they will not be able to transmit a correct message, but this is not actually true: they are fast learners able to assimilate great amount of information in order to deliver it to all the clients interested.


What should you keep in mind when hiring promo staff?

To begin with, you will have to make sure you collaborate with an experienced staffing company. They have the best people, who will be able to become true brand ambassadors in no time. Remember that they have to be good looking and pleasant to talk to, because this is what the customers are looking in the beginning: a friendly person to explain them more about the products they are interested in. In addition to this, they have to be very flexible and adapt to any situation, in order to be able to deal with any situation and type of client.