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Is it Necessary to Install Surveillance Cameras in Schools?

Posted on Feb 19, 2015 in Edu

Although schools are supposed to be places where students are safe and away from incidents like violence or vandalism, the number of violent issues is alarmingly rising. Since a good security camera can become a useful tool in maintaining a high level of safety in schools, you can be certain that installing surveillance cameras will reduce the number of crimes and vandalism in schools.

The school surveillance cameras use the latest technologies

Surveillance camera systems include a variety of features that assure a maximum level of security in schools. The latest technologies are combined into a device that can monitor a wide area so that no corner of the school will remain unsupervised. The wireless cameras can be placed in corners that are not connected through wires and use the wireless technology to send the data. The high-quality lenses assure a high clarity and sharpness of the images so that there will be no problem in identifying the individuals caught on tape. The high-quality of the images or an additional face recognition feature can help the security personnel to identify possible threats inside schools. The best types of surveillance cameras can detect motion, which is an essential aspect, as well as the night vision feature or the license plates recognition feature that can turn out to be very efficient in the school’s parking lot where many incidents can happen.

Security cameras can reduce the number of incidents among students

Installing surveillance cameras in schools can become an indispensable aid in reducing the number of violent issues and in maintaining peace and harmony among students. Schools with security cameras show a lower level of incidents regarding students, as they are aware that someone is monitoring their behavior and they do their best to stay out of trouble. Security cameras installed in hallways, in classrooms, in gyms or outdoors discourage students from getting into fights, bullying other students or misbehaving during school days.

Strangers are discouraged from entering a school with surveillance cameras installed

It is well known that not only students create troubles in schools, but also strangers who manage to get inside and disturb the order. If every school would have surveillance cameras installed, not only that strangers would be easier to monitor, they would be less tempted to enter a school where their presence will be spotted. School security personnel find it hard to control every person that enters a school and sometimes incidents caused by outsiders pass unnoticed, therefore a security camera could reduce the risk of violence in schools.