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Ingenious ways to grade students’ work

Posted on Feb 28, 2018 in Edu


Grades aren’t viewed as good means to motivate students to do their best. This is indeed a shame taking into consideration how efficient they are. Grades are the incentives that students need to do their best. They aren’t tempted to choose the easiest courses and they work they hard, treating education seriously. Do you really think that they’re seeking high rankings and honors? What youngsters are interested in is approval. As a teacher, it’s your job to provide them the feedback that they deserve. No matter what philosophy you may have about grading, the actual evaluation should be done in a creative way. If you don’t have any inspiration, then check out these suggestions.

Use rubber stamps to get to young minds  

The aim of any teacher is to get to the young minds. This is easier said than done. If you have rubber stamps, it won’t be all that difficult. The thing is that you’re the only one who hasn’t yet come across Kiasu Print rubber stamps. All of the other teachers are already using them. professors of every grade are using these devices to reward students. The grading stamps can include messages like ‘Impressive!’ or ‘You did well.’ If you don’t want to complicate yourself, you can go with a smiley face. You have the freedom to choose the design, so there’s nothing stopping you. If the student’s work is good quality, then you can grade it accordingly. If not, you can provide an explanation concerning what needs to be done.

Make them students assemble portfolios

A great way of assessing individual student progress is portfolio assessment. Believe it or not, young people like to collect pieces and to demonstrate their abilities. You can ask your students to bring their best pieces or you can ask them to bring works in process. The portfolio will allow you to determine if the pupils have really made any progress. As the students are trying to identify their strengths and weaknesses, they too will take notice of their advancement. And no, they won’t focus on their shortcomings, but on their strong points. The only time when you’ll be able to evaluate several assessments for each student is when you take a look at their portfolio.

Get students to grade each other    

Even if you’re the teacher, that doesn’t mean that you should be doing all the hard work. You have good students and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t let them grade each other. To make things even more fun give them teacher stamps. Click the following page for teacher stamps: https://www.kiasuprint.com/teacher-stamps/. Make youngsters swipe papers and grade each other. The students will provide feedback. What will you be doing during all this time? You’ll be watching and helping them with their answers. The great thing is that the students will understand they’re not always right and that they’re not the only ones. As for you, it’ll be easier to get feedback. And there is the fact that the class will be more productive.