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Improve your college experience by choosing the best student accommodation

Posted on Dec 13, 2016 in Edu

Leaving for college is certainly an exciting moment in the life of any high schooler. If you do not have much time left until you will begin this amazing journey, then you need to start looking for an accommodation. The variety of individual and shared student houses in Newcastle you will come across while searching online is pretty extensive, giving you the opportunity to select something you like. However, not only the appearance or comfort of your accommodation counts, but other aspects as well. Here are a few tips to help you with your decision:

Shared accommodation or private studio?

The first big question you will be facing is if you should go with a studio or a shared house. Well, although you might want more privacy, you should know that a shared student accommodation is one of the things that makes college so great. Besides spending less money on rent and utilities, you will also have the opportunity to socialise and build friendships as soon as you arrive. Leaving home for the first time will be rather difficult, but sharing a house with other students of your age will make things easier for you.

Do not spend all your money on accommodation

Even if you might want to benefit from the highest level of comfort, try to not spend your entire budget on accommodation, because you will need the money for other experiences as well. Go with an accommodation that is affordable, sufficiently comfortable, and leaves you with some extra money in your pocket.

Find a reliable landlord

Although you will probably search for offers online, that does not mean you should not research the topic with more depth. Do not make any decisions, and avoid signing a contract before finding out more details about the particular housing option and about the landlord’s reputation. Make sure the people renting you the student room are friendly and trustworthy, to avoid any future inconveniences.

College is the time you can experience independence, have fun, meet new interesting people, and set the foundation of your future. Even if you might have never thought about it, the accommodation you go with can influence your entire experience, in either a positive or negative way. This is why you need to be wise when you are making this decision, and you should think about any aspect that may be relevant. Think about the tips mentioned above, they might prove to be useful.