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Ideas of Field Trips for Homeschoolers

Posted on Mar 21, 2015 in Edu

Homeschooling is a trend that has become more and more popular among parents who are worried about the quality of the education their children receive in schools and the dangers they are exposed to every day. However, if you decide to pull your child out of school, you must be aware that you will have to organize some field trips that will keep the child in contact with the outside and expand their horizons. To do so, you can take you child on field trips for homeschoolers so that they will have fun while learning new things and living new experiences.

Visit historical sites

A visit to a historical site is a great way of enriching your child’s knowledge of the history of their country and there are thousands of historical and archeological sites to choose from in the United States.

See the important buildings in your town

Another great idea of field trips for homeschoolers is to take your child on a tour of the most important and popular buildings in your town. A government building, a famous tower or an ancient church, they are all means of learning about the history of your city.

Find out more about the heroes of your country

If you have the possibility to take your child to a cemetery, don’t think it is a morbid idea. A walk through an old cemetery where important people are buried will be fun and interesting, especially if you have a son. Knowing about the people who fought for the independence and prosperity of your country is a great way of learning new things.

Visit various museums

You can organize many field trips for homeschoolers at museums, not only in your town but also in towns close to you. Contact groups of homeschooling and check to see if they organize this kind of trips and take your child together with other children to visit museums of art, history, antiquities or natural history.

Get a tour to a laboratory

If your little one is interested in a specific domain, take them on a tour of a science laboratory, a planetarium or a factory. This way they will learn more about their subject of interest or even discover new hobbies.

See the animals at the zoo

What can be more fun than a visit to a zoo or a park? You can always organize field trips for homeschoolers at a local zoo or a famous one in another city so that your child can see new animals and learn more about their natural habitat.

Interact with the altruist policemen and firemen

Some groups of homeschooling even organize visits to the local police or firemen stations to reveal to children the beauty of these jobs and the importance of the officers in keeping the peace and safety of your town. This way your child can widen their range of interest and discover their vocation.