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Golf in Schools Program

Posted on Mar 8, 2015 in Edu

Embracing a Golf in Schools Program can bring lots of benefits to children, as they are provided with the chance to discover a great hobby, and to use their free time in a productive way. Instead of playing video games and spending all of their time indoors, kids of all ages have the possibility to exercise, spend time outdoors, and interact with other children, which is very important for developing social skills. Practicing a sport has many advantages, so let’s take a look to what the Golf in Schools Program has to offer to kids in elementary, middle and high schools.

Children can learn life skills

Not only do the students who play golf learn the basic rules of golf and how to use a beginner golf set, but students who decide to participate to a  Golf in Schools Program can learn important life skills, as they are being taught how to behave properly, but also how to be part of a group. Golf is a sport that teaches lots of discipline, and it requires players to follow rules and respect other players. Therefore, this type of program was designed to show kids how important manners and integrity are. Furthermore, students are also informed about how essential safety is. Besides focusing on the social element, this program also explains children how to pursue their goal of becoming professional golfers. Some projects offer kids the chance to use high-tech golf gadgets, including golf rangefinders and equipment that can help them correct their posture and their swing. Golf rangefinders are excellent for measuring the distance to the flag, or any other specific target, so they represent the perfect instrument for beginners who need to learn how to make a proper club selection, and how to boost their scores.

How do Golf in Schools Programs work?

It may seem like to only purpose of this initiative is to offer some diversity in the physical education curriculum. Each child is provided with a beginner golf set and they are tough the basic rules of this game. However, Golf in Schools Programs can also be seen as a way to keep children in school, but also to offer the chance of getting college education to those who don’t have a financial situation that would permit them to do so. Junior golf foundations collaborate with different schools to ensure golf clubs, tees, golf balls, other curriculum materials and teaching aids, but also to create after school learning projects for those who are interested. There are programs which offer scholarships to continue their charitable work for educational services, and programs which involve minimal ongoing costs. Both types of programs include professional instruction, and access to golf course and special tour events. So, besides learning swing basics, chipping, putting , safety rules and etiquette, children can enjoy financial benefits from these types of projects, too.