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College degrees are outdated for today’s job opportunities. What took their place?

Posted on Mar 3, 2018 in Edu


Job opportunities without degrees, an uncertain work climate and the dawn of true professionals seem to be the main reasons for which University courses have become less and less popular. These circumstances have been recognized and addresses from 2012, by the USA president at that time, Barak Obama. In fact, he supplemented the funds for vocational schools and training and almost $70 billion went to serve this purpose. But why is this happening? Why are college degrees becoming outdated? Keep reading below for some insight.

University Programs are the culprit

Modern-day University programs start as an expanded yet superficial study curriculum in a certain domain. Quickly, the curriculum is narrowed down, and this causes the students to become experts in a very narrow area. Later, when they find themselves searching for a job that is suitable for their expertise, they learn that the demands on today’s job market are rather interdisciplinary than very narrow and enclosed. For instance, students follow University programs such as engineering, design or business, but the approach is never an inclusive one. And in engineering, some design and business notions are oftentimes required in job descriptions. This leaves the former student, which may be highly qualified in engineering without a job due to the lack of expertise in the other areas.

Little to no certainty for University graduating students

When you enrol in some University course, you don’t have the certainty that when you finish your degree, the job for which you specialise will still exist. Likewise, when you finish your degree, you might come to a conclusion that you have to move states in order to perform the job that you prepared for. On the other hand, cosmetology colleges and their graduates, let’s say, don’t face similar issues because the specialization itself is not an ambiguous one. On the contrary, vocational program students find themselves able to get a good-paying job in nearly all areas, because the demand for such jobs will never cease to exist. On the other hand, the job opportunities for college graduates are volatile, uncertain and sometimes ambiguous, demanding expertise in more areas than the one they were prepared for.

Are vocational schools and colleges the key to a happy and fulfilling lifestyle?

Many individuals think that they are. On a certain level, the job description is somehow “simpler” for these graduates, and they can be certain that they are fully prepared when finishing the school. Although these jobs can be seen as simple, these are mandatory in all well-functioning societies. Furthermore, the demand for such experts will never cease to exist. People will always need HVAC system experts, they will always need barbers and hairdressers and they will always need a well-prepared nurse. Luckily, vocational schools are those educational establishments that are able to deliver well-prepared professionals in these areas and many more.

In today’s day and time, college and University programs become outdated. Uncertainty, a volatile job market and the current economic system are all leading to major mutations of the educational field.