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Back to School Finds New Teenagers Outfit Trends

Posted on Aug 6, 2017 in Edu

Being a teen isn’t easy at all, especially when you look at all the trends that you have to keep up with to look fabulous and updated when you meet your peers. The right clothes can bring admiration from your colleagues, setting you up as the fashion icon of the school. With every new school year, new trends emerge, and you have to keep up the pace with them. To make sure that you’ll be the center of attention when reuniting with colleagues this year, read this article to find out what are the outfit trends to follow.

Fashion Trend #1 – Classic Stripes

Some react better to cold weather than others. If the classrooms are usually cold and you want to wear clothing that doesn’t only keep you warm but that helps you feel cozy and warm as well, go with the classic stripes on a long-sleeve shirt. We recommend that you go with navy blue or black stripes as these are the trendiest colors for such a wearable.

Fashion Trend #2 – Kimonos

If your style is more laid back and comfortable, you can keep up with the latest trends and make your outfits look incredibly spectacular with the addition of a kimono. The ideal outfit for teen girls is composed of classic jeans, a T-shirt, lace-up sandals, and a colorful kimono. The wearable complies to dress codes as well, so there’s no need to worry that your fashion choices might get you in trouble.

Fashion Trend #3 – Show What’s Your Favorite Band

One of the biggest trends this school year is to wear tees with band logos or names on them. The T-shirts are comfy to wear, and you get to show off your taste in music. If you go with a rock band T-shirt, you can add to the outfit’s charm by wearing steel toe boots and denim jeans – this passionate rocker look is sure to draw everyone’s attention.

Fashion Trend #4 – Overalls

Overalls are one of the older trends that are making a comeback. This school year, they are back, but they have a more grown-up look as opposed to the original overalls that looked quite childish. Best of all, overalls generally fall into the dress codes of most schools, so you won’t get into trouble for wearing them.

Fashion Trend #5 – Ruffles

If you like ruffles, you’re in luck – this year they’re back in fashion! What’s lovable about ruffles is the fact that they can add different types of looks to clothes. When they’re a part of off-shoulder shirts, they make the outfits look flirtier, and when they’re a part of classic shirts, they add a touch of innocence.

Fashion Trend #6 – Athleisure

Athleisure outfits are a heaven sent for boys and girls alike! What makes these outfits so popular is the fact that they aren’t only fashion-forward, but that they’re very comfortable as well. Basically, what you have to do to pull off a great athleisure outfit for school is to combine skinny jeans with sporty tops, or sweats with a denim or leisure jacket.

Fashion Trend #7 – T-Shirt Dress

While teenage boys might not have an easy time putting together an outfit, for girls it can be a lot more difficult as all eyes generally tend to be on them when it comes to their fashion sense. In some mornings, you won’t have the needed energy to put together a complicated outfit just for the sake of looking good. When you have overslept or you’re just not in the mood to waste time dressing, put on a T-shirt dress – you will look fashion-forward without putting effort into the outfit at all. If you add a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers to the mix, you’ll look flawless.

Fashion Trend #8 – Lace-Up T-Shirt Necklines

T-shirts might be comfy and perfect for any school day, but they can get boring fast if you don’t spice them up somehow. To keep your look updates to the latest trends, buy some lace-up neckline T-shirts. Wearing them with skinny jeans and a cute pair of shoes will make you the belle of the class any day of the week.

Fashion Trend #9 – Patchwork Denim

Regardless of your gender, one wearable that is a must-have this year is the patchwork denim. Teen girls can go for two or three-tone jean skirts that make any outfit a lot more interesting, while boys can wear two-tone denim jeans to add an interesting and timeless ‘70s feel to their look.

Fashion Trend #10 – Denim Jackets

One fashion trend that never goes out of style is the classic denim jacket – it goes well with pretty much any other clothing piece, and it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. Also, it’s ideal for autumn as well as spring, so you’ll get to wear it more than a few weeks, enjoying your classic yet rebellious look to the fullest.