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3 reasons why you should teach English in China

Posted on May 27, 2016 in Edu

Teaching English in China offers you the opportunity to live overseas and immerse yourself in a totally different culture. China is not only one of the most populous countries in the world, but also one that has plenty of opportunities for ESL professors. The youth are raised with a deep understanding of the importance of learning English, reason why it is a commonly accepted notion that it is necessary to speak English fluently in order to increase the chances of earning a higher paying job. So, if you are considering making a move to China, now is the time to research teach abroad programs. Although there are many reasons why you should apply for a teaching program, we have narrowed it down to 3 great reasons.

Career prospects

China is currently in demand for English educators, which translates into the fact that potential teachers are provided the opportunity of choosing their employer as well as they kind of teaching that they would like to do. You can apply for a teaching program just to experiencing educating and to see whether you are capable of living in a country labelled as challenging. The skills that you will pick up from instilling knowledge, such as the ability to think on your feet or tailor your communication style, are transferable to any working environment. With your newly acquired sills, you can apply for government work, and there are opportunities in the media, business and arts.

Discovering a different culture

It is needless to say that Chinese culture is different from Western culture. China is huge from a geographical perspective, not to mention that it has a 5,000 years old history. It is not reduced to the old ideas of what China is. Despite the great deal of damage to China’s ancient cities, it is possible to catch sight of impressive and fascinating historical sites, but the fact is that some of the best places in China are full of history and culture. You will have the opportunity to see ballroom dancing, Tai-Chi and people singing karaoke.

Healthy salary

The competition will actually be good for you. This basically means that schools provide good salaries and additional benefits, such as free airfare, health insurance, furnished housing and paid holidays. While your monthly salary will be less that what you would get in your own country, the added benefits and the low cost of living result in a higher paycheck. As an idea, you can expect to make somewhere between $942 and $2, 500 USD.